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Your journey with us begins with an estimate generated either from a blue print or a field measurement. Prints or discs can be mailed, e-mailed or picked up. Our system of estimating is fully computerized to maintain consistency and insure accuracy. Once a proposal is accepted, signed and returned your project will be scheduled. A lead-time of at least 3 days is requested. Before commencement of drywall a foreman will visit the site to inspect conditions and confirm readiness. Installation of drywall is then performed expediently and professionally. After complete the unit is cleaned and made ready for finishing. At this time a drywall inspection is required in some municipalities. Drywall finishers then apply three coats of joint compound to the new drywall before surface is sanded. (Tape coat, bed coat, finish coat). Following sanding, the unit is scraped and swept. A foreman performs a final inspection of the unit and removes scaffold, heaters, fasteners and etc. At this time an invoice for payment is issued.
Now the job moves to our patching/final touch up department. After lighting is installed but before final paint is applied the customer calls the office to request a final. A finisher is sent to walk through the unit and address any issues now visible under regular lighting conditions.

Commitment to the customer
No matter what type or what size the job, Fitzpatrick Drywall and Plastering stands behind its’ work. The reputation for excellence that follows Fitzpatrick Drywall and Plastering was not gifted it was earned. For a period of one year Fitzpatrick Drywall and Plastering warrants its product and workmanship. Fitzpatrick prides itself on knowing that at the completion of every job a new relationship has been formed. You are invited to see for yourself. (Refrence List)
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